LoveSac Omaha

Old School & New School Collide.

On a weekend hike in Southern California, I couldn’t help but stop by the newest of our LoveSac Stores: The Oaks.

Now…being from one of the oldest stores to-date, it was a sight to see: I’d say as close to perfect as it can get at this point.

And of course…it was my lucky day. I got to meet both  Michelle and Jordan;  obvious hustlers. Michelle runs the show, and it was great to see some hustler action while I was there.

 Michelle, MiMs & Jordan

Can you tell that this was before the massive hike? 🙂

LoveSac hits deep: proof above.

Have YOU visited a LoveSac store besides Westroads? Send us pics. Going there soon? Stop in and see all of the people working. They’re sure to take you for a ride.



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Awesome! That store is really gorgeous!

Comment by Kelly Kapowski

The oaks is a house of learnin’ gangsta’s!

Comment by Martin Lawarance

Nice blog. I like the pic of you on the ceiling.

Comment by Shawny D

That store looks cool.

Comment by Clark

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