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Where in the world is Nooder: Part One.
June 29, 2010, 2:32 pm
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When Nooder first came to the Westroads location, it was apparent that he was destined for greatness: a blanket, a pillow, and cuteness galore.

A journey just seemed to be needed. So, on June 20th, he said goodbye to his companions and headed out to explore.

First stop???

Chicago’s O’Hare airport is known for two things in our eyes: long layovers and Nuts on Clark. Naturally, Nooder had to check it out.

After 5 hours and a nice nap, he decided to take it international.

Nooder: the perfect blanket and pillow combo. For a 9 hour plane ride, it was a necessity… and also the coveted item for everyone on the plane.

Every flight attendant on the plane was raving. The destination???

Munich; the home of free espresso and smoke boxes. Nooder pretty much took control of the situation: typical for him.

Where will he be next? Check back soon to find out.

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very cute post!

Comment by Tashia

Ohh Nooder seems to be enjoying himself very much.. Can’t wait until the next destination!!

Comment by lovesactyler

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