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Where in the World is Nooder: Part Three

Rome was great, but after a few days and lots of productive activities, Nooder made a mad dash for one of the most popular places in the world.

Inspired by the sign, Nooder jumped on a boat.

Oh Venice. After docking on the outskirts, it was apparent that tours were a must.

Murano glass anyone? This world renowned company has products coveted by many.

(Naturally, Nooder took home 2 wine glasses… for gifts of course.)

T-Pain might have been “on a boat”, but Nooder topped it easy…

… that is, IF you consider a gondola to be a boat.

Epic to say the least; even without the auto-tune. Although, the lad singing could have used it.

Not much could top a ride in a gondola.

Behold: St. Mark’s Basilica.

It put Venice in good standing with the Pope, and houses the coveted bones of St. Mark.

Crypt anyone?

Yes, Nooder was in a crypt.

Don’t worry though, it was only before his performance upstairs.

The ending for the day?

Nooder was a fan.

Where will he be next???

Check back to find out!

Until next time…

-MiMs & Nooder-


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Nooder is all over the earth like Carmen Sandiego

Comment by Casey

I wish Nooder would have brought back some of the delicioso desserts in Italy!!!!!

Comment by Cheryl

How many languages does Nooder speak? English, Italian, possible French is next?

Comment by C-lark

I want to travel with Nooder! But hey, someone has to be responsible for The Big O. ;p

Comment by G Baby

Wish I was Nooder.

Comment by Shawny D

That is one lucky dog!! Traveling and those awesome looking desserts, rad!

Comment by Candy

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