LoveSac Omaha

LoveSac Goes Homemade.

Recipe for making a statement:

4 cups paint (colors may vary)

3/4 cup carpet & rug

10 teaspoons elbow grease

Mix ingredients with 25 bases and 32 sides.

Place items in a space resembling the following…

Bake at 375 for 4 days

Cool for 12 hours

**results may vary

Really though.

We designed 3 rooms for the Omaha HomeBuilder’s Show.

We also had the pleasure of meeting dozens of future Sactional owners.

Thanks to everyone that came out to see us!

Did you miss out?

It’s alright. Check us out HERE

(402) 393-2216


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This is absolutely awesome!!!

Comment by Stacy

This is AMAZING! Each room is just next level display of where were going. Way to represent so well.

Comment by C String

Totally gorgeous!

Comment by Mayfair LoveSac

Nice job! The rooms look great!

Comment by Ben


Comment by Casey

Looks fantastic.

Comment by Clark

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