LoveSac Omaha

Tim Halperin: Omaha’s American Idol

Steven TylerRandy JacksonRyan Seacrest-J Lo-and an impressive voice

The result of this concoction?

LoveSac Nation: Check it Out!

Now, why is this video important?

It’s simple.

Tim HalperinLoveSac fan and musical talent extraordinaire.

(He also has a crush on JLo, constant since the 6th grade.)

Tim just happened to stop by the Q98.5 Listener’s Lounge.

For those of you that HAVE met him. . . what a sweetheart, right?

(Did you know that Tim is distantly related to our 7th President Andrew Jackson?)

Tim also has a heart for the community.

He has constantly been involved in supporting the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.


Tim’s favorite band? Coldplay.

Why? Chris Martin’s songwriting and passion at every live show (off the charts).

(Tim memorized all of the words to Will Smith’s ‘Big Willie Style’

album when he was in elementary school.)

Word on the street is that his album will be dropping around September time. (speculation and HOPE)

The next time he is in Omaha, you can all be assured that he will be in the Westroads LoveSac to update us on his journey. Expect to hear and see more in the near future!

In the meantime, check out his latest song download (for FREE!)


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LOVE IT!!! Lovesac+Tim= ultimate comfort while listening to amazing music! Can’t wait to see what’s to come!!! 🙂

Comment by Michaela Dei

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