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Vintage Comfort Meets Parisian Style

September 28th-October 6th, 2010:

…an average Tuesday to Wednesday succession for most

…deep inspiration for others. 

(Parlez-vous français???)

Over the Atlantic, Paris Fashion Week (for spring/summer 2011, as featured in Vogue Paris) was taking place, and my gut tells me that LoveSac paid attention. Our Spring Vintage-Inspired Line marries tweed, tufted throw pillows, and a color palette to boot.

The real question?

What do YOU think???

In the same category as Alexander McQueen’s dark narratives and Nicolas Ghesquière’s (Balenciaga) plasticized textures,  Karl Lagerfeld took a different approach. In what seemed like an ode-of-sorts, a Spring 2011 RTW Collection had Last Year At Marienbad (1961)  nostalgia (and in a good way). Coco Chanel had designed Delphine Seyrig’s clothes for the film, and everything from tweed to pastels brought people in the front row back to L’année dernière à Marienbad.

From monochromatic tweed patchwork and a hint of gold. . .

Denisa Dvorakova (ELITE) Chanel Spring RTW 2011

Karolina Kurkova (IMG) Chanel Spring RTW 2011

. . . to tweed Sactionals in a 5b/5s set-up and a Manhattan Super from LoveSac.

 Really though? How can you ignore the obvious inspiration?

Jacquelyn Jablonski (ELITE) Chanel Spring Couture 2011
Abbey Lee Kershaw (NEXT) Chanel Spring Couture 2011
Liu Wen (MARILYN) Chanel Spring Couture 2011

The PillowSac Champagne Package from LoveSac embodies the same aspects that Lagerfeld used for part of the Chanel Spring 2011 Couture Line (minus the heavy liner). The question is. . . was Shawny D. thinking the same thing?

While we might not ever truly know the answer to that question, here are a few reasons (in picture form) to come in, check out the comfort and to let us know what you think.

Dans l’attente de vous lire…


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