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Spring is here, lets get outdoors-y with our furniture!

Greetings Sac’rs –

Spring has sprung here at Westroads! We have changed our floor over to show you some amazing new fabrics, some old favorites, and the debut of our Indoor/Outdoor Sactionals.

Indoor/Outdoor, you ask? Why yes, good people, they are! Here are a couple of photographs to show you how pretty they are:

Two pool loungers with Linen covers

The Poolbed With Thatch covers

These pieces are available to order and will be shipped directly to your home. They come with two sets of covers. The pieces are made of hand-woven Resin Wicker over a powder-coated aluminium frame. The pieces have the same dimensions as our Indoor 6-Series Sactionals.

To pair with your new Sactional setup, Lovesac has accessories that compliment the furniture. We have U-Drinks, U-Tables, Lovesac Select Rugs (including new an indoor/outdoor rug), Mythic Paint, Stray Dog and Nuevo lighting solutions, and Lovesac Select Tables.

We’ve also introduced 5 new Sac packages this week! All have nature-inspired names and colors!

First up is our Milkweed Microterry Supersac package that retails for $799 and includes:

Milkweed Microterry Package

  • Naked Supersac with Milkweed Microterry cover
  • Naked Squattoman with Milkweed Microterry cover
  • Milkweed Microterry Sodasac
  • Milkweed Microterry Tubesac

Next is the Mudbath Microterry Supersac Package. It retails for $799 and includes:

Mudbath Supersac Package

  • Naked Supersac with Mudbath Microterry cover
  • Naked Squattoman with Mudbath Microterry cover
  • Mudbath Microterry Sodasac
  • Mudbath Microterry Tubesac

Then there is our Bearlake Microterry Moviesac Package. It retails for $699 and includes:

Bearlake Microterry package

  • Naked Moviesac and Bearlake Microterry cover
  • Naked Squattoman and Bearlake Microterry cover
  • Bearlake Microterry Sodasac
  • Bearlake Microterry Tubesac

Next, there is the Aspen Microterry Pillowsac package. It retails for $599 and includes:

Aspen Microterry Pillowsac package

  • Naked Pillowsac and Aspen & Mudbath Microterry cover
  • Rocker Frame
  • 2 Aspen Tufted Microterry Designer throw pillows

Finally, we have the Aspen & Mudbath Microterry Pillowsac package. It retails for $599 and includes*:

Aspen & Mudbath Microterry package

  • Naked Pillowsac and Aspen & Mudbath Microterry cover
  • Rocker Frame
  • 2 Mudbath Microterry Designer throw pillows
  • *Please note the pillows in the picture differ from the ones offered with the package

That’s not the only thing new this week! The powers that be have told us our Easter promotion. Now whether you celebrate or not, you can take advantage of the deals listed!

What’s everyone’s favorite thing about Easter? Well, not everyone’s favorite thing…but most everyone looks forward to chocolate. Sooo – We’re offering 20% off 6-Series Chocolate Rhino Velvet Sactional covers with the purchase of the corresponding naked pieces at MSRP. Or, if you’re in a smaller place and found our 5-Series Sactionals more to your liking, we are offering 10% off the Chocolate Velvish pieces as well.

Add to those promotions that we can pair these off with gorgeous throw pillows for a steal (almost literally!), and you can’t lose!

What throw pillow promotion, you ask? Its our ‘Winter season’ throw pillow sale of course! We are offering the throw pillows at 2 for $30 or 4 for $50. Now considering that almost all of these pillows have a retail price of $50, that’s like saying buy 1, get three free!

Still don’t know what Sactionals are? Check out this short video from our founder, and the inventor of Sactionals, Shawny D:

A big concern that we hear all the time is to ask how our guests will get their Lovesac or Sactionals home. Never fear, we know that not everyone drives a U-Haul around for their furniture. Our Sactionals, being modular, can fit a few pieces in most 4-door vehicles. All of our Sacs will fit in the backseat of a 4-door vehicle, and most in a 2-door.

Did you know Lovesac offers free design services? Call or stop in to see Morgan or Taylor to set up a time for a consultation, either in the store, or at your home!

Lovesac also offers 18 months no interest, equal payments financing on all purchases. If you spend $1000, that works out to approximately $56 a month, or $1.87 a day. That’s pretty affordable, right?

Stop in and see a Sac’r today to get you set up. Can’t make it in? Call the store at 402-393-2216 or the Store Manager, Morgan at 515-778-0957 . Store hours are 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday through Saturday and 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. Sunday.

Feel free to email the store with questions as well – click here.

Want to know some history about the company? Check out for a quick bit of information about this amazing furniture company.

Peace, Love, and Comfy Furniture in your (near) future,

–The Westroads Lovesac Crew

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