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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching… Lovesac is here to help!
February 10, 2012, 10:59 am
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Greetings Sac’rs –

The day that strikes fear into the hearts of weak men, and single people, everywhere is just 5 short days away.

Have you figured out what to get your love? Or for the single folks – have you figured out how you’re going to thumb your nose at the establishment and enjoy the day anyway? Not sure, or just clueless? Lovesac is here to help!

We’ve received our Valentine’s Day special packages. They are set up in two price ranges, around $100 and around $500. This is where you show your true intentions for your lover, or yourself.

The around $100 option is one of our Footsacs or Love Throw blankets. We have plenty of choices when it comes to comfy blankets.

The Footsac is a blanket  with a pocket in the bottom for the user’s feet.  It also allows the user to pull the blanket up the their chin, as long as they’re shorter than 6 feet tall, while still allowing them to stretch out and luxuriate in the softness of the Footsac. See the pics below for an idea of how soft they are!

This is is the Eskimo Phur Footsac showing the

This is the Eskimo Phur Footsac. It is folded up and shows the pocket at the bottom for your feet!

The Eskimo Phur Footsac is available for $129. There are also two new fabrics similar to the Eskimo Phur. They’re called Chocolate Mousse Swirlphur and Strawberry Shortcake Swirlphur. They are each $149. See below:

Chocolate Mousse Swirlphur Footsac

The Strawberry Shortcake Swirlphur Footsac

Of course a picture on a website cannot demonstrate the amazing feel of these, so be sure to stop in to check them out. Lovesac also carries Black Bear Phur and Beaver Phur Footsacs for $129.

Lovesac also carries a selection of Love Throws in some of our most popular fabrics: Knit, Cow Phur, Artichoke, and Creme. These are available for $129 each and measure 50″ by 60″ with beautiful embellishments.

The other level of gifting is around $500, and is our Chocolate Mousse Swirlphur Pillowsac package. It is available for $549 and the package includes:

  • Naked Pillowsac
  • Rocker Frame*
  • Chocolate Mousse Swirlphur Pillowsac Cover
  • 2 Rhubarb Swirlphur  Throw Pillows with Chocolate Piping
  • Your Choice of a Footsac
    • Chocolate Mousse Swirlphur
    • Strawberry Shortcake Swirlphur
    • Eskimo Phur

*Rocker Frames are not currently available for pickup at this location, but are still included in the package

Of course, quantities are limited, so call ahead and get information about the product, or just buy it right then and pick it up at your convenience. Keep in mind that this fabric will eventually be available to order as a custom cover for all other pieces. If you want to know when that happens, call us and we can let you know when it happens!

Our favorite manager, Ellie, is at the Des Moines Home & Garden Show this weekend, running Friday through Sunday. She will be selling from that location, as well as selling the floor model pieces at the show on Sunday. Check out some of the pieces at the show:

Feel free to call her at 515-290-1006 if you can’t make it there.

Don’t forget that Westroads Lovesac has plenty of Sactional Pieces available for pick up immediately. This includes some of our most popular covers! Stop in and see a PDSE today for more details.

Still don’t know what Sactionals are? Check out this short video:

A big concern that we hear all the time is to ask how our guests will get their Lovesac or Sactionals home. Never fear, we know that not everyone drives a U-Haul around for their furniture. Our Sactionals, being modular, can fit a few pieces in most 4-door vehicles. All of our Sacs will fit in the backseat of a 4-door vehicle, and most in a 2-door.

Did you know Lovesac offers free design services? Call or stop in to see Morgan or Taylor to set up a time for a consultation, either in the store, or at your home!

Lovesac also offers 18 months no interest, equal payments financing on purchases over $1000. That works out to approximately $56 a month per $1000 spent. That’s pretty affordable, right?

Stop in and see a Sac’r today to get you set up. Can’t make it in? Call the store at 402-393-2216 or the Store Manager, Morgan at 515-778-0957 . Store hours are 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday through Saturday and 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. Sunday. Holiday hours are upon us and are slightly extended.

Feel free to email the store with questions as well – click here.

Want to know some history about the company? Check out for a quick bit of information about this amazing furniture company.

Peace, Love, and Comfy Furniture in your (near) future,

Westroads ❤ their clients!

–The Westroads Lovesac Crew