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Springtime has hit Omaha! Time to break out the Outdoor Sactionals!

Happy Spring, Sac’rs!

While we’re busy inside preparing for our new spring line to hit the floor, we hope you’re outside enjoying this amazing weather! Time to dust off your spring and summer gear, open the windows, and throw those winter coats to the back of the closet!

As promised in our email, we’re finally ready to unveil the soon-to-come and much anticipated line of Indoor/Outdoor Sactionals! (see in below posts)

We know what you’re saying – “These look awesome! Do they work just like the Sactionals I already have?”

Yes! They do.

Each Base and Side are held together just like our Indoor Sactional line pieces. Steel clamps hold the bases to the sides and shoes keep everything in place. They are also the same dimensions as our 6s Khaki Bases and Sides. (Base: 35″wX29″dX18″h; Side: 35″wX6″dX28″h)


The shoes and peg feet are made of solid teak wood. This is a commonly used wood with outdoor tables and swim decks on the backs of boats. This wood absorbs water and dries without worry of warping or cracking. No worrying about dragging everything in when summer rain comes!

The foam cushions were also designed and chosen to withstand those unexpected summer rains! While obviously suggested to avoid those torrential downpours when you can and store your pillows and cushions in a dry place, the cushions are made to be able to get wet and then dry out over and over again.

Each base will come with 2 sets of covers for your back pillow and seat cushion. One will be Thatch, a medium brown color with horizontal corded tan lines, and the other – Linen with a speckled off-white woven canvas look. We also have a line of Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics in our Custom “Colorful” swatch book that you can look at and order in-store!

Two poolside chaises with Linen covers

Pool Lounger (with the guy who invented these things on it) in Thatch covers

All of these fabrics are water-resistant and machine washable. Washing the covers will not impact the durability or the sun-resistance of the covers. Perfect for our sunny summers!

Bases and sides are made of welded and powder-coated aluminum that will never rust or corrode with the changing seasons. This aluminum base is wrapped in Resin Wicker in a basket weave pattern. The Resin Wicker is made to never crack, split, or peel. All of these pieces are light-weight and extra-durable!

But wait, what does this mean for the pieces on the floor at Westroads Lovesac currently?

It means we’re selling some of them at a discounted rate! This includes Sacs, Sactionals, Throw Pillows, and some accessories! Not every piece is on sale, but the ones that are could get you those pieces you’ve been wanting, but were out of your price range currently. All pieces have been discounted to move. Stop in and see a PDSE to discuss the pricing on the floor model pieces.

Still don’t know what Sactionals are? Check out this short video from our founder, and the inventor of Sactionals, Shawny D:

A big concern that we hear all the time is to ask how our guests will get their Lovesac or Sactionals home. Never fear, we know that not everyone drives a U-Haul around for their furniture. Our Sactionals, being modular, can fit a few pieces in most 4-door vehicles. All of our Sacs will fit in the backseat of a 4-door vehicle, and most in a 2-door.

Did you know Lovesac offers free design services? Call or stop in to see Morgan or Taylor to set up a time for a consultation, either in the store, or at your home!

Lovesac also offers 18 months no interest, equal payments financing on all purchases. If you spend $1000, that works out to approximately $56 a month, or $1.87 a day. That’s pretty affordable, right?

Stop in and see a Sac’r today to get you set up. Can’t make it in? Call the store at 402-393-2216 or the Store Manager, Morgan at 515-778-0957 . Store hours are 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday through Saturday and 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. Sunday.

Feel free to email the store with questions as well – click here.

Want to know some history about the company? Check out for a quick bit of information about this amazing furniture company.

Peace, Love, and Comfy Furniture in your (near) future,

–The Westroads Lovesac Crew

Tim Halperin: Omaha’s American Idol

Steven TylerRandy JacksonRyan Seacrest-J Lo-and an impressive voice

The result of this concoction?

LoveSac Nation: Check it Out!

Now, why is this video important?

It’s simple.

Tim HalperinLoveSac fan and musical talent extraordinaire.

(He also has a crush on JLo, constant since the 6th grade.)

Tim just happened to stop by the Q98.5 Listener’s Lounge.

For those of you that HAVE met him. . . what a sweetheart, right?

(Did you know that Tim is distantly related to our 7th President Andrew Jackson?)

Tim also has a heart for the community.

He has constantly been involved in supporting the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.


Tim’s favorite band? Coldplay.

Why? Chris Martin’s songwriting and passion at every live show (off the charts).

(Tim memorized all of the words to Will Smith’s ‘Big Willie Style’

album when he was in elementary school.)

Word on the street is that his album will be dropping around September time. (speculation and HOPE)

The next time he is in Omaha, you can all be assured that he will be in the Westroads LoveSac to update us on his journey. Expect to hear and see more in the near future!

In the meantime, check out his latest song download (for FREE!)

Size Matters

Some might pretend that anything goes:

…small Sacs, big Sacs, white Sacs, blue Sacs…

In reality though, size matters. We know this and

we’re ready to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Because not everyone can handle the biggest, we will start small…


The GamerSac

The GamerSac is 3 feet in diameter and starts at $249.98 with a cover.

It is the perfect size for even the tiniest spaces.


If bigger is better and you have the space, maybe the next size up is for you.


The CitySac

The CitySac starts at $329.98 with a cover and is 4 feet in diameter.

Built with smaller and tighter places in mind, it seats one adult perfectly.


If you get tired of the same, old (but comfortable) positions everyday,

brace yourself for the most versatile Sac to exist.


The PillowSac

The PillowSac is 4.5 x 6 ft and starts at $379.98 with a cover.

When we say most versatile to exist, we mean it.

Check out some hardcore PillowSac action HERE.


If you prefer the round shape and don’t want to sit alone, we have just the thing.


The MovieSac

Designed with movie-lovers in mind, the MovieSac starts at $479.99 with a cover.

Five feet in diameter, the MovieSac is easy to handle, easy to move,

easy to take to the drive-in and easy to clean up when finished.


If you love the MovieSac but have more room, prepare yourself for the



The SuperSac

It takes a special someone to look this unsatisfied in a Sac with two men, but

with the SuperSac, anything is possible.

Starting at $579.98 and filling out 6 feet of space, this Sac will NOT disappoint.


Last and certainly not least, the biggest spaces obviously call for the biggest Sacs.


The BigOne

Weighing in at over 90 pounds, the BigOne is 8 feet and starts at $849.98 with a cover.

Only the few, the proud and the elite can utter these words, “I have a BigOne.”


Because every Sac needs its counterpart, check this out: !!!!


So when you’re ready to make the most comfortable commitment to exist,

stop in and let us know.

‘Tis the Season!

It’s that beautiful time of year again…

’round the clock Christmas tunes, beloved family time and the race to get the Christmas shopping accomplished.

Though Christmas looks different to each of us, we all want to find the perfect gift.

Search no more . . . LoveSac has (yet again) made it happen.

BEHOLD… the perfect package:

This box holds the key to holiday success and though the quantities are limited, you can make it happen.

For one price you can receive the coolest package yet:

The CitySac or SuperSac Insert

The matching Manor Suede cover, SodaSac, a Sheep Skin Pillow, and Sjorn.

Yes… the package is cool, but have you SEEN SJORN??!!?!


he is the cutest Love Sheep to exist, but like everything LoveSac, it doesn’t stop there.

Love Sheep by day – Blanket Sheep by night


This package has guaranteed smiles.

(pictured: CitySac Manor Suede Package)


So before we run out, you should probably stop in.



LoveSac & Red Mango Unite

How many girls can YOU fit on a full sofa?


3 bases and 5 sides = 11 girls

Lines began to form about 45 minutes before open….

What could be better than chilling on LoveSac Sactionals

AND eating FREE Red Mango?

As it got dark, people warmed up and got comfortable ….

Chris Saub and his band came out to entertain.

The lines and music went strong until 10 p.m.

Needless to say, it was a great Friday night.


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Old School & New School Collide.

On a weekend hike in Southern California, I couldn’t help but stop by the newest of our LoveSac Stores: The Oaks.

Now…being from one of the oldest stores to-date, it was a sight to see: I’d say as close to perfect as it can get at this point.

And of course…it was my lucky day. I got to meet both  Michelle and Jordan;  obvious hustlers. Michelle runs the show, and it was great to see some hustler action while I was there.

 Michelle, MiMs & Jordan

Can you tell that this was before the massive hike? 🙂

LoveSac hits deep: proof above.

Have YOU visited a LoveSac store besides Westroads? Send us pics. Going there soon? Stop in and see all of the people working. They’re sure to take you for a ride.


LoveSac….Versatility at its finest.

Yes...that's the ceiling.










MiMs & Alex here……and we’re excited to share with all of you “sactional know-it-alls” what versatility REALLY means in the LoveSac world.

Take exhibits A & B…..BOTH available for you to see at our store….







  They’re the SAME thing. Yes…..4 bases and 4 sides of PURE GLORY. All we did was change the covers and switch it up a bit.

Okay…. so some of you out there have “been there…done that.”

Well then… let’s take it to a whole new level.


Exhibit C…..our 5 bases and 8 sides of sexy; ONLY completed with Custom Bella Black covers, and a piece of eye-candy for those of you wanting the best media room to boot. 

We decided to take our media room, and go classy-chic.

The result?


 Yes….it’s still 5 bases and 8 sides. You see, at LoveSac Westroads, we carry plenty of pre-made covers that allow you to take home covers today. We also, though, give YOU the opportunity to design the room of your dreams. Pictured above? A classy mix of our Custom Palacials.

So….when it comes down to it, you KNOW you want it: the ability to be ever changing, washing, and expanding the way that you live.


So…stop in and see us. We’re ready to mix, match, and create.

Until the next time……

-MiMs & Alex-