LoveSac Omaha

Cage The Elephant

This event goes back for us.

The Q98.5 Acoustic Lounge was originally created because Polychronopolis  wanted to see his favorite band play in an intimate setting. So, when Cage The Elephant(his favorite band) showed up again to entertain, we were excited. The people in the audience were pumped and sitting comfortably in LoveSac Sactionals.

They were entertaining to say the least.

The lead singer refused to sit during the performance…

Thank goodness they were excited to chill in some Sactionals

(and sign autographs, of course)

Panic At The Disco

If you ever get the chance to meet any of the guys in Panic At The Disco,

…prepare to be entertained….

Not only that, but prior to this intimate event at the Q 98.5 Acoustic Lounge, they had never heard of Sactionals.

They were so excited that they started dancing….

They also signed autographs…

Most importantly though, they were excited to get comfy.

We loved them. They loved Sactionals (and couldn’t believe our words until we took the pieces apart for them).

….gotta love musicians….

Jack’s Mannequin Loves Sac

It’s true. Jack’s Mannequin loves Sactionals. Well, Andrew, the hot spot for Jack’s Mannequin and former lead singer of Something Corporate does at least. He even suggested the “inquisitive” look for his Sactionals pose.

The fans that showed up for this intimate event were focused on the man of the hour.

The bottom line?


Check out the video below. . . and stay tuned for the next artist!

How to Use Chopsticks
July 6, 2011, 12:42 pm
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Well, here at LoveSac we live by common sense and good taste.  What better way to share our taste than with the all too convenient Ramen Bowls (aka. couch bowls).

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or lounging in front of the tv, the Ramen Bowl can meet all your needs.

Perfect for noodles, soups, and stir-fry, the Ramen Bowl comes complete with chopsticks. 

Come into LoveSac today to choose from these sensational colors and to get your grub on with a Ramen Bowl.


LoveSac Throw Pillows

Throw pillow: a small, decorative type of pillow, usually placed on sofas or armchairs. Decorative pillows serve a primarily aesthetic function and are commonly used to tie in color accents within a room, often drawing on the colors in drapes, walls or area rugs.

Why don’t you see for yourself how lifeless a sactional looks without throw pillows…

You can throw in some class with the addition of throw pillows..

Or even play hide-and-go seek?

Why don’t you stop in and see what 150 different possibilities has to offer you…


Reunited and it feels so good…

LoveSac Westroads recently teamed with Red Mango to open their 3rd location in the Omaha Metro Area. . . and right across from the brand new TD Ameritrade Ballpark!

This event was different than the other two openings we did.


Well, first of all, 20% of proceeds went to benefit the Hope Center for Kids, a local non-profit and after school outreach to at risk youth and children in North Omaha; inspiring hope through faith, education, employment, and collaboration.

Everyone enjoyed their fro-yo in comfort!

They even had a skateboard competition featuring local talent.

Check out some of the happy and comfortable participants!

Did you see us at the event? We’d love to hear about it!

So stop in our location at Westroads Mall, or even just give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.


Nooder & Spade Take Paris
June 9, 2011, 4:10 pm
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Bonjour a Paris!

…talk about a rendzvous!

From a café and a relaxing afternoon at the Luxembourg Gardens…

…to a sight at Notre Dame and a stop at Dior on Avenue Montaigne.

…a stop by the qualifying rounds of the French Open…

…and crowds at the Louvre.

The unforgettable Aldo Ciccolini at the Theatre de Champs-Elysées…

…and the Eiffel Tower.

Paris: the city of lights.

Au revoir et je t’aime.