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LoveSac. Vintage. Spring 2011. Part 2.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nope in fact, it almost took 500 years.

It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


The design of what’s now referred to as Vintage Velvet and Tufted furniture was born out the 70’s. A product of both class and desire. And now most recently, a combined product of comfort as well, thanks to the designers at LoveSac.

It only took about 4 decades for this Vintage style to be re-introduced.

And now it will only take 1 car trip to your local LoveSac Showcase location to own it.


Best of all. . . You are the Designer at Work ..and at Play. . .


It took literally centuries to build the Great Wall of China.

Scholars suggest it took Noah from the bible 75 years to built The Ark.


The Spring Vintage Line was styled to up the par status in classical interior design – Revolutionizing what the 70’s generation started and adding to it the highest standard of product quality and fashion forward look. A look that comes machine washable, tailor-fit, and with a warranty 3x the industry standard on fabric – Seams and zippers covered for 3 years, manufacture and natural defects. See website for further details:

At LoveSac it only took 10 years to completely revolutionize the furniture world – with Sactionals™.

To Design your own custom sectional with Sactionals™5 minutes.


Call, click or come visit a local LoveSac Showcase location in your neighborhood. Quit buying someone else’s overly redundant design.

Be the Designer at Play and come design your own sectional using Sactionals™.


– We’ll see you soon –

Westroads LoveSac – (402) 393 2216

Get Busy

The snow is melting.

The groundhog did not see his shadow and spring is just around the corner.

As a result, you have no excuses.

Get in here and get busy!


Need some inspiration??

…Meet Ford…

…six color options and easy to clean after an incident…

…Meet Bella…

…eighteen colors, durability to top it all and a feel to compete…


Pick one of each.

Bella Royal and Ford White will do.


Now. . . take 3 bases and 4 sides, throw pillows, accessories and make it happen.

Just an FYI:

With the pieces pictured above, the 18 Bella and 6 Ford colors, there are

336 different ways to mix-it-up.


So, lose the excuses, come into the store and say these 2 simple words:



We will know what you mean…


LoveSac + Anberlin = LOVE
January 28, 2011, 10:13 am
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As the concerts continue, so does the love for everything comfy.

This month, the Q98.5 Listener’s Lounge featured Anberlin.

The acoustic show was on-spot.

The show that night was paramount.

Bottom Line?

These guys love Sactionals, so expect to see more of LoveSac & Anberlin together.

. . . until the next one. . .


Throw in Some Class

So… we’ve shown you how to wrap your Sac.

We’ve given you the best Sactional positions for first-timers.

We have even told you how to give a sit.

Though we love to play, there are some things that we take very seriously.

For example, taking ridiculous photos with throw pillows.

Seriously though, throw pillows are a requirement for EVERY Sactional set-up.


Let us show you.

Check out this media room set-up.

9 bases/12 sides of sexy.

Now, while this looks fine and comfy, the difference below is shocking.

This media room looks complete. Hands down.

Need another example? Gaze on.

Now, while every Sactional set-up will look good,

the above photo shows you just how boring it can get.

You can’t do the same thing every time. That’s not fun at all.

By adding TWO simple throw pillows, you’ve kept things steamy.

That being said, you should stop in the store.

We have over 150 options for you to select from.

So… make it happen.


Sactional Positions for First-Timers

Sactionals give you endless possibilities.

Yes. . . we know that size matters, and while you

could fit a ton in your space, having the right amount is always the best option.

So, we have decided to share with you our perfect combination for first-timers.

(4 bases. 5 sides. Our favorite positions.)


Position 1: The Missionary

117 inches long and appropriate for everyone, even gram and gramps can enjoy it.


Position 2: The Snow Plow

This position is great for people who like to mix things up.

Sick of sitting in the arm-chair? Try out the chaise!


Position 3: The Butterfly

A traditional take on the snow plow, this can satisfy

the classiest of guests.


Position 4: The Splitter

Having a get-together with mixed company?

This is perfect and allows everyone to have their own space.


Last and certainly not least. . .


Position 5: The T-Square

This set-up is perfect for three.


See? There are lots of things you can do with 4 and 5.

. . . and we came up with 27 fabulous ideas…

Stop in and we will show you.


What’s YOUR favorite position?

Here in the Big O, we LOVE the PillowSac.

If there could ever be a Sac favorite, THIS is it!

Need some ideas?

Exhibit A: The BookWorm

Need a place to read?

We like to call it the Pea Pod.

Yes… the PillowSac is a 4 1/2 x 6 foot pillow,

but the foam inside allows it to be used in SO many ways.

Relax and read your favorite book (ours is the Merch Bible, naturally).

Exhibit B: The TV/Movie Addict

We like to call it the Fortune Cookie.

It’s a sure-fire way to get comfy and into the zone.

Prefer something even more relaxing?

Exhibit C: The DayDreamer

When you lay it out flat, the PillowSac makes a PERFECT Guest Rest.

…Relax away…

However, if relaxing isn’t up your alley, you can always resort to things like this…

Thumb Wars and Arm Wrestling. . . the perfect way to start and end ANY day!

Do YOU have a favorite position? Stop in the store and tell us about it.

We love stories.



LoveSac & Red Mango Unite

How many girls can YOU fit on a full sofa?


3 bases and 5 sides = 11 girls

Lines began to form about 45 minutes before open….

What could be better than chilling on LoveSac Sactionals

AND eating FREE Red Mango?

As it got dark, people warmed up and got comfortable ….

Chris Saub and his band came out to entertain.

The lines and music went strong until 10 p.m.

Needless to say, it was a great Friday night.


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