LoveSac Omaha

Size Matters

Some might pretend that anything goes:

…small Sacs, big Sacs, white Sacs, blue Sacs…

In reality though, size matters. We know this and

we’re ready to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Because not everyone can handle the biggest, we will start small…


The GamerSac

The GamerSac is 3 feet in diameter and starts at $249.98 with a cover.

It is the perfect size for even the tiniest spaces.


If bigger is better and you have the space, maybe the next size up is for you.


The CitySac

The CitySac starts at $329.98 with a cover and is 4 feet in diameter.

Built with smaller and tighter places in mind, it seats one adult perfectly.


If you get tired of the same, old (but comfortable) positions everyday,

brace yourself for the most versatile Sac to exist.


The PillowSac

The PillowSac is 4.5 x 6 ft and starts at $379.98 with a cover.

When we say most versatile to exist, we mean it.

Check out some hardcore PillowSac action HERE.


If you prefer the round shape and don’t want to sit alone, we have just the thing.


The MovieSac

Designed with movie-lovers in mind, the MovieSac starts at $479.99 with a cover.

Five feet in diameter, the MovieSac is easy to handle, easy to move,

easy to take to the drive-in and easy to clean up when finished.


If you love the MovieSac but have more room, prepare yourself for the



The SuperSac

It takes a special someone to look this unsatisfied in a Sac with two men, but

with the SuperSac, anything is possible.

Starting at $579.98 and filling out 6 feet of space, this Sac will NOT disappoint.


Last and certainly not least, the biggest spaces obviously call for the biggest Sacs.


The BigOne

Weighing in at over 90 pounds, the BigOne is 8 feet and starts at $849.98 with a cover.

Only the few, the proud and the elite can utter these words, “I have a BigOne.”


Because every Sac needs its counterpart, check this out: !!!!


So when you’re ready to make the most comfortable commitment to exist,

stop in and let us know.

LoveSac & Red Mango Unite

How many girls can YOU fit on a full sofa?


3 bases and 5 sides = 11 girls

Lines began to form about 45 minutes before open….

What could be better than chilling on LoveSac Sactionals

AND eating FREE Red Mango?

As it got dark, people warmed up and got comfortable ….

Chris Saub and his band came out to entertain.

The lines and music went strong until 10 p.m.

Needless to say, it was a great Friday night.


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