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Wrap Your Sac

About this time of year, the holiday cheer is coming to its peak.

(before the craziness of course)

The gingerbread houses have been made.

The presents are starting to gather under the tree.

In fact, there are only a few left to wrap.



The problem is, how do you wrap your Sac?

It really can be disastrous.





Though this might not happen to you, something close could be the result.

So…let us show you the coolest way to wrap your Sac.

Behold… The Phurry Ball.

This beautiful ball of Phur is the key to Christmas ease.

Wrap it up and stick it under the tree.

Not only will your loved one be clueless, but their expression will be priceless.

You can then proceed to pull the Sac duffle out of its hiding place.

These Phurry Balls come in 4 colors.

They can also be used for fun games after the big event.

So… forget the Sac wrapping (seriously), and

stop in the store for the Phurry Balls to complete your Christmas.


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