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LoveSac & Memorial Day

AC/DC said it best… We’re “Back In Black” and it hit the “Sac”

Microleather has all the features of leather, but with a lot of extra benefits.  It’s washable, breathable and matches pretty much any decor: ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

The MicroLeather has a fashionably-worn leather look.

Oh yeah!

The SodaSac accessory is included to hold your drinks.

Be chill in leather like Logan:

Or just be chill like this dude.

Don’t forget to kick up your feet!

Getting “Back in Black” this Memorial Day is for anyone wanting to “Hit the Sac” in comfort and style.

All in all, the package includes the following items:

  • SuperSac Insert
  • Black MicroLeather SuperSac Cover
  • Squattoman Insert
  • Black MicroLeather Squattoman Cover
  • Black MicroLeather TubeSac Pillow
  • Black MicroLeather SodaSac

All of this can be yours this Memorial Day weekend. Hurry though; this limited edition package is sure to sell out soon! Stop by LoveSac Westroads to pick up yours today.


LoveSac. Vintage. Spring 2011. Part 1.


LoveSac has gone vintage this season. Inspired by the age of the ad man from
Madison Avenue, this mid-century styled line of Sacs and Sactionals is unlike any
other we have ever created. Designed from the ground up, the colors, the fabrics,
and the details on this beautiful line are more sophisticated and refined than any in
the past. Using a combination of vintage velvets in vibrant home-dec colors and a
neutral tweed, we have once again demonstrated that LoveSac has come a
long way from its days of vinyl Sacs to take to the drive-in movies. LoveSac is a
designer alternative to lame furniture.

With the curtain dropping March 22, 2011, the designer look of our Burlington and Rockingham LoveSac stores will look like something you’ve never seen. And with the arrival of new, better designer, and truly inspired LS product comes NEW ways to SAVE BIG and NEW ways to outfit your home with an incredibly fashion forward statement. Just check these out:

Introducing . . .


The Manhattan SuperSac Package Deal*

$649.99 MSRP

Available in SuperSac Only

The Manhattan is a completely re-designed vintage Velvet – Easy on the eyes, Vintage Velvet is just as easy on the environment. Woven in part from sustainable bamboo fibers, it has a natural, fibrous-stranded look beneath its vibrant iridescent velvety sheen.

The Package Deal includes*:

  • 1 SuperSac Cover w/ Matching Squattoman Cover
  • 1 Matching TubeSac
  • 1 Matching SodaSac
  • 1 Faux Deer Head
  • 1 Super Insert w/ Squattoman Insert

Also Introducing . . .


The Classic Tweed SuperSac Package Deal*

$649.99 MSRP

Available in SuperSac Only

The Classic Tweed is more than just desirable for wardrobe attire – Furniture wearing these Tweed Covers seems tighter, crisper, stiffer (in a good way) and more tailored. It is a thick, tight weave bonded to a woven backing for extra loft. It is at its finest when paired with a cup of black coffee or a highball of scotch, but never with tea and biscuits.

  • 1 SuperSac Cover w/ Matching Squattoman Cover
  • 1 Matching TubeSac
  • 1 Matching SodaSac
  • 1 Faux Deer Head
  • 1 Super Insert w/ Squattoman Insert

But wait, there’s more . . .


The Purpletini MovieSac Package Deal*

$599.99 MSRP

Available in MovieSac Only

This velvet is not your 1970s leisure suit fare, but a modern day inspiration straight out of mid century American era of classic design, tailored tweed suits, hats, overcoats and sofas as works of art. Sit on it or just stand there and look at it,Vintage Velvet is as lovely to behold as it is comfortable to sit on.

  • 1 MovieSac Cover w/ Matching Squattoman Cover
  • 1 Matching TubeSac
  • 1 Matching SodaSac
  • 1 Faux Deer Head
  • 1 MovieSac Insert w/ Squattoman Insert

Last, but certainly not least . . .


The Champagne PillowSac Package Deal*

$499.99 MSRP

Available in PillowSac Only

The color palettes of this Champagne theme takes cues from the dresses in the secretary pool and only further reinforces the aesthetic of the mid-century period of inspiration. Pop open your favorite bottle of bubbly to this – ownership of this piece only calls for appropriate celebration. You stay classy LoveSac land.

  • 1 PillowSac Cover
  • 1 Purpletini Tufted Throw Pillow
  • 1 Blue Hawaiian Tufted Throw Pillow
  • 1 Faux Deer Head
  • 1 Rocker Frame
  • 1 PillowSac Insert

In this golden era from which we sought inspiration for this spring line, technology had not yet evolved even to the level of the cassette tape, the color TV, and certainly not to that of the Oversized Sac. The late 60s in America brought about new heights in furniture design and architecture, but the mad men of Madison Avenue were not ready then for what only LoveSac can do today. Combining our modern day Sac crafting skills wih the simple yet bold design elements of the epic mid-century period, we bring you the most developed seasonal line of Sac Packages ever offered at LoveSac

Just as it is with your favorite bottle of Scotch or bottle of patiently aged wine, these limited Sac’ Package deals won’t last long – in fact, by my professional opinion, these Packages will be the fastest, quickest to sell out Packages we’ve come out with yet.

Get to our Westroads LoveSac store location today – Come discover 60’s inspired vintage for yourself.

See you Soon,

Westroads LoveSac – (402) 393 2216


Read This: (Floor Model Sale)

There’s nothing wrong with a used Sac.

It’s springtime and we’re switching things up.

Because of this, our floor models need loving homes.

So. . . take a gander and contact us for pricing and additional information.

(5s Manor Suede/Heather Tweed)


(5s Manor Suede/SheepSkin)


(6s Heather Tweed/6s Eskimo Phur)


(5s Black Velvish/Custom Chenille Stately)

Le fin.


Size Matters

Some might pretend that anything goes:

…small Sacs, big Sacs, white Sacs, blue Sacs…

In reality though, size matters. We know this and

we’re ready to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Because not everyone can handle the biggest, we will start small…


The GamerSac

The GamerSac is 3 feet in diameter and starts at $249.98 with a cover.

It is the perfect size for even the tiniest spaces.


If bigger is better and you have the space, maybe the next size up is for you.


The CitySac

The CitySac starts at $329.98 with a cover and is 4 feet in diameter.

Built with smaller and tighter places in mind, it seats one adult perfectly.


If you get tired of the same, old (but comfortable) positions everyday,

brace yourself for the most versatile Sac to exist.


The PillowSac

The PillowSac is 4.5 x 6 ft and starts at $379.98 with a cover.

When we say most versatile to exist, we mean it.

Check out some hardcore PillowSac action HERE.


If you prefer the round shape and don’t want to sit alone, we have just the thing.


The MovieSac

Designed with movie-lovers in mind, the MovieSac starts at $479.99 with a cover.

Five feet in diameter, the MovieSac is easy to handle, easy to move,

easy to take to the drive-in and easy to clean up when finished.


If you love the MovieSac but have more room, prepare yourself for the



The SuperSac

It takes a special someone to look this unsatisfied in a Sac with two men, but

with the SuperSac, anything is possible.

Starting at $579.98 and filling out 6 feet of space, this Sac will NOT disappoint.


Last and certainly not least, the biggest spaces obviously call for the biggest Sacs.


The BigOne

Weighing in at over 90 pounds, the BigOne is 8 feet and starts at $849.98 with a cover.

Only the few, the proud and the elite can utter these words, “I have a BigOne.”


Because every Sac needs its counterpart, check this out: !!!!


So when you’re ready to make the most comfortable commitment to exist,

stop in and let us know.

Wrap Your Sac

About this time of year, the holiday cheer is coming to its peak.

(before the craziness of course)

The gingerbread houses have been made.

The presents are starting to gather under the tree.

In fact, there are only a few left to wrap.



The problem is, how do you wrap your Sac?

It really can be disastrous.





Though this might not happen to you, something close could be the result.

So…let us show you the coolest way to wrap your Sac.

Behold… The Phurry Ball.

This beautiful ball of Phur is the key to Christmas ease.

Wrap it up and stick it under the tree.

Not only will your loved one be clueless, but their expression will be priceless.

You can then proceed to pull the Sac duffle out of its hiding place.

These Phurry Balls come in 4 colors.

They can also be used for fun games after the big event.

So… forget the Sac wrapping (seriously), and

stop in the store for the Phurry Balls to complete your Christmas.


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‘Tis the Season!

It’s that beautiful time of year again…

’round the clock Christmas tunes, beloved family time and the race to get the Christmas shopping accomplished.

Though Christmas looks different to each of us, we all want to find the perfect gift.

Search no more . . . LoveSac has (yet again) made it happen.

BEHOLD… the perfect package:

This box holds the key to holiday success and though the quantities are limited, you can make it happen.

For one price you can receive the coolest package yet:

The CitySac or SuperSac Insert

The matching Manor Suede cover, SodaSac, a Sheep Skin Pillow, and Sjorn.

Yes… the package is cool, but have you SEEN SJORN??!!?!


he is the cutest Love Sheep to exist, but like everything LoveSac, it doesn’t stop there.

Love Sheep by day – Blanket Sheep by night


This package has guaranteed smiles.

(pictured: CitySac Manor Suede Package)


So before we run out, you should probably stop in.



Old School & New School Collide.

On a weekend hike in Southern California, I couldn’t help but stop by the newest of our LoveSac Stores: The Oaks.

Now…being from one of the oldest stores to-date, it was a sight to see: I’d say as close to perfect as it can get at this point.

And of course…it was my lucky day. I got to meet both  Michelle and Jordan;  obvious hustlers. Michelle runs the show, and it was great to see some hustler action while I was there.

 Michelle, MiMs & Jordan

Can you tell that this was before the massive hike? 🙂

LoveSac hits deep: proof above.

Have YOU visited a LoveSac store besides Westroads? Send us pics. Going there soon? Stop in and see all of the people working. They’re sure to take you for a ride.