LoveSac Omaha

Phurry February

Here at LoveSac, we’re all about inspiration.

In honor of February, everything you LOVE about the Sac comes in Phur.

Our inspiration?

Well, you can never know for SURE, but we have a theory…

Behold! A little something we like to call: The C-String Stache

Don’t let it fool you.

Though it looks sweet and innocent (debatable), remember that we warned you.

At times, transformation ensues.

The result? The alter ego: C-Mag

This human-form chick magnet may be dangerous, but the results are gratifying.

Lucky for us, C-Mag has been busy creating.


First in-line: Phurry Sacs

We all know that a REAL man likes to sit in a purple Sac.

However, if King Phur is not for you, we have 5 phurry choices.

Our Sactionals also come in all 5 Phurs.

(pictured below: Eskimo Phur)


Second in-line: Phurry Feet

REAL men also wear Phurry Slippers (available in 2 colors).

We don’t recommend wearing the slippers & sitting in a purple Sac at the same time.

(unless you’re ready for craziness)


Third in-line: Phurry Comfort

Our FootSacs are PERFECT for lounging on the couch.

Did you know that they have a foot pocket on them?

It’s a perfect place to store your Love Pets and Phurry Balls.

How big is the FootSac?

The FootSac is one Dakota tall.

(or 50×60)

If the FootSac is not quite large enough for you, we have a solution.

The King Blanket is MASSIVE.

After that, only one thing can take your comfort to the next level.

This pillow says one thing: I WANT YOUR BODY.

Last in-line: Phurry Balls

C-Mag makes our lives full of phurry comfort,

so stop in and let us spread the love around.




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